June 30, 2015

Janelle is tired and she flexes for Adam.

“I’m strong.  I feel like the guy who’s the guy from that thing.” ~ Janelle

“WHAT??????” ~ Adam

“You know, the guy with the muscles and the workouts and the strongs.” ~ Janelle

“OK, sleep time.” ~ Adam

June 24, 2015

Oh Adam!” ~ Janelle

“Oh Janelle.” ~ Adam

“My Oh Adams are kickin’ in.” ~ Janelle

“What are ‘Oh Adams’?” ~ Adam

“Have you ever been so tired that you just wanted to say, Oh Adam?” ~ Janelle

“No!  I can say with 100% certainty that I’ve never been so tired that I wanted to say my own name.” ~ Adam

“Then obviously you’ve never really been tired.” ~ Janelle

June 23, 2015

“Wow, I like your nails… what is that?  Multi statement nails?” ~ Adam

“No, they’re called rainbow nails.  They’re HOT in Korea right now!” ~ Janelle

“Hot in Korea??? What are you, Gangnam Style?” ~ Adam

October 22, 2014

“You don’t know about nipples, Adam” ~ Janelle
“I HAVE nipples!” ~ Adam
“Havin’ them and knowin’bout them are two different things.” ~ Janelle

June 6, 2014

“So, let me get this right– Sleep ninjas live in your hips.  They throw their “ninja lines” up to your collar bones and climb you, whilst you’re lying down, and sleep chop you… do I have that right?” ~ Adam

“Well, you see…. It just so happens that my head is always north and north is always up.  I’m regal!” ~ Janelle

April 16, 2014

Adam is rubbing Janelle’s back…

“Ohhhhhhhh!!!!  I can feel it in my cheeks…. My face ones, not my butt ones.” ~ Janelle

April 8, 2014

“You see Adam; I sleep in the Falcon Position.  That’s the best position to sleep in.  I get a check mark plus at it.” ~ Janelle

March 28, 2014

“Do you know how many tireds I have right now, Adam?” ~ Janelle

“All of them!” ~ Adam

“Nope.  All of them.” ~ Janelle

“I just said that!” ~ Adam

“No you didn’t.  I would have heard about the tireds.” ~ Janelle

March 2, 2014

“OK, so I’m gonna have a half cup of coffee, then shower and head out.” ~ Adam

“Can I pee before you shower?” ~ Janelle

“Well, I’m not gonna slam back a cup of coffee that’s Scalding Warm.” ~ Adam

February 24, 2014

Adam is watching SportsCenter and Nascar highlights are on…

“Their life insurance must be REALLY high.” ~ Janelle


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